Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

Baton Rouge Dentistry - Root Canal - Kramer Irby, DDS (by Jeremy Kemp)A root canal is a procedure that removes the nerve of an infected tooth to relieve pain and infection. The tooth could need a root canal due to a large cavity or a crack that is too close to the nerve.

After a root canal, a crown must be placed to prevent future cracks or breakage. With a root canal and crown, these teeth can last a lifetime.


After the tooth is numb, a dental dam is placed to isolate the tooth. The tooth is opened to allow for removal of the infection.

Doctor Irby will clean the inside of the tooth and reshape the canals. The tooth is then filled again with cutting edge biocompatible filling material.

A temporary covering is used to cover the access opening. Patients MUST see Doctor Irby within two weeks for a permanent restoration of the tooth.